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__packed Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

union {
   lcp_hash_t *   hashes
   TPM_PCR_INFO_SHORT *   pcrs
uint8_t access_width
uint64_t acm_addrs []
uint8_t acm_ver
tboot_acpi_sleep_info_t acpi_sinfo
uint64_t addr
uint64_t address
uint8_t allow_maintenance
uint32_t attributes
uint8_t b_global_lock
uint8_t b_read_st_clear
uint8_t b_write_define
uint8_t b_write_st_clear
uint64_t base
sha1_hash_t bios_acm_id
uint32_t bios_sinit_size
uint8_t bit_offset
uint8_t bit_width
uint32_t bus
txt_caps_t capabilities
uint8_t cekp_used
uint8_t chipset_acm_type
uint32_t chipset_id_list
acm_chipset_id_t chipset_ids []
uint32_t comc_clockhz
uint32_t comc_curspeed
uint8_t comc_fmt
uint32_t comc_irq
bdf_t comc_pbbdf
uint32_t comc_port
bdf_t comc_psbdf
uint8_t count
uint32_t count
tpm_pcr_selection_t creation_pcr_selection
uint8_t data []
uint32_t data1
uint16_t data2
uint16_t data3
uint16_t data4
uint8_t data5 [6]
uint16_t data_revocation_counters [LCP_MAX_LISTS]
uint32_t data_size
uint8_t deactivated
uint16_t device_id
uint8_t digest [TPM_DIGEST_SIZE]
tpm_composite_hash_t digest_at_creation
tpm_composite_hash_t digest_at_release
uint8_t disable
uint8_t disable_force_clear
uint8_t disable_full_da_logic_info
uint8_t disable_owner_clear
uint32_t edx_senter_flags
uint64_t efi_rsdt_ptr
uint8_t enable_revoke_ek
uint8_t enc_data []
uint32_t enc_data_size
tb_policy_entry_t entries []
uint8_t errataRev
tpm_entity_type_t et
heap_ext_data_element_t ext_data_elts []
uint32_t extended_id
lcp_hash_t fallback_hash
char file_signature [LCP_FILE_SIG_LENGTH]
uint8_t fips
uint32_t flags
uint64_t flags
uint32_t fms
uint32_t fms_mask
uint32_t func
uint8_t hash_alg
uint8_t hash_type
lcp_hash_t hashes []
tb_hash_t hashes []
tpm_stored_data12_header_t header
uint64_t kernel_s3_resume_vector
uint64_t lcp_pd_base
uint64_t lcp_pd_size
uint64_t lcp_po_base
uint8_t lcp_po_data [MAX_LCP_PO_DATA_SIZE]
uint64_t lcp_po_size
uint32_t lcp_policy_control
sha1_hash_t lcp_policy_hash
uint16_t length
uint64_t length
tpm_locality_selection_t locality_at_creation
tpm_locality_selection_t locality_at_release
uint32_t log_addr
tboot_mac_region_t mac_regions [MAX_TB_MAC_REGIONS]
uint8_t maintenance_done
uint8_t major
uint32_t mdrs_off
uint8_t mem_type
uint32_t min_mle_hdr_ver
uint8_t minor
sha1_hash_t mle_hash
uint64_t mle_hdr_base
uint64_t mle_ptab
uint64_t mle_size
uint8_t mod_num
uint64_t mseg_valid
uint8_t nonce [20]
uint32_t num_acms
uint8_t num_entries
uint16_t num_hashes
uint8_t num_hashes
uint32_t num_in_wfs
uint8_t num_lists
uint32_t num_logical_procs
uint8_t num_mac_regions
uint32_t num_mdrs
uint16_t num_pcr_infos
uint32_t num_vtd_dmars
tpm_nv_index_t nv_index
uint8_t nv_locked
uint8_t operator
uint32_t os_sinit_data_ver
uint8_t ownership
uint8_t pcr
tpm_pcr_info_short_t pcr_info_read
tpm_pcr_info_short_t pcr_info_write
TPM_PCR_INFO_SHORT pcr_infos []
uint8_t pcr_select [3]
tpm_pcr_selection_t pcr_selection
tpm_pcr_value_t pcr_value []
tpm_nv_attributes_t permission
uint8_t phycical_presence_lock
uint8_t physical_presence
uint8_t physical_presence_cmd_enable
uint8_t physical_presence_hw_enable
uint8_t physical_presence_lifetime_lock
uint64_t platform_id
uint64_t platform_mask
tboot_acpi_generic_address_t pm1a_cnt_blk
uint16_t pm1a_cnt_val
tboot_acpi_generic_address_t pm1a_evt_blk
tboot_acpi_generic_address_t pm1b_cnt_blk
uint16_t pm1b_cnt_val
tboot_acpi_generic_address_t pm1b_evt_blk
uint32_t policy_control
lcp_policy_list_t policy_data_list []
uint8_t policy_data_listsize
lcp_policy_element_t policy_elements []
uint32_t policy_elements_size
uint32_t policy_elt_control
lcp_hash_t policy_hash
lcp_policy_list_t policy_lists []
uint8_t policy_type
uint32_t proc_scrtm_status
uint32_t processor_id_list
acm_processor_id_t processor_ids []
uint16_t pubkey_size
uint8_t pubkey_value [0]
uint8_t read_pubek
uint8_t read_srk_pub
tpm_pcr_selection_t release_pcr_selection
uint16_t reserved [3]
uint32_t reserved
uint8_t reserved
uint8_t reserved1
uint16_t reserved2
uint32_t reserved2 [2]
uint8_t reserved_align [3]
uint8_t rev_major
uint8_t rev_minor
uint16_t revision_id
uint16_t revocation_counter
uint32_t rlp_wakeup_addr
uint8_t s3_key [TB_KEY_SIZE]
uint32_t saved_misc_enable_msr
mtrr_state_t saved_mtrr_state
tpm_pcr_info_long_t seal_info
uint32_t seal_info_size
tpm_pcr_selection_t select
uint32_t shutdown_entry
uint32_t shutdown_type
uint8_t sig_alg
uint8_t sig_block []
sha1_hash_t sinit_hash
uint8_t sinit_min_version
uint8_t sinit_revocation_counter
uint32_t size
uint64_t size
uint16_t size_of_select
uint32_t slot
uint8_t space_id
uint16_t spec_ver_major
uint16_t spec_ver_minor
uint16_t spec_ver_rev
uint16_t specLevel
uint64_t start
sha1_hash_t stm_hash
tpm_structure_tag_t tag
uint32_t tboot_base
uint32_t tboot_size
uint32_t timeout_a
uint32_t timeout_b
uint32_t timeout_c
uint32_t timeout_d
uint8_t tpm_established
uint8_t tpm_post
uint8_t tpm_post_lock
uint8_t tpmVendorID [4]
uint16_t type
uint32_t type
lcp_unsigned_policy_data_t unsigned_data
lcp_unsigned_list_t unsigned_list
uuid_t uuid
uint32_t value_size
uint32_t vector_width
uint16_t vendor_id
uint8_t vendorSpecific []
uint16_t vendorSpecificSize
uint8_t version
tpm_version_t version
uint16_t version
uint32_t version
uint32_t vtd_dmars_off
uint64_t vtd_pmr_hi_base
uint64_t vtd_pmr_hi_size
uint64_t vtd_pmr_lo_base
uint64_t vtd_pmr_lo_size
uint64_t wakeup_vector

Detailed Description

Definition at line 82 of file lcp.h.

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